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Mike Parkes

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Kicking Country with Mike Parkes

Welcome to the official website of Kicking Country, both the live and online radio shows, plus the live private and corporate venue shows,

(along with the other live and online radio shows including Stampede, American Country Rock and more).

Kicking Country

- Kicking Country

- Hosted by Mike Parkes

- RadioKSA 

- Adelaide (South Australia)

- 7 days a week

- 10 am to 12 noon

  (10.30 am to 12.30 pm eastern)

- Online via 

Kicking Country - Concept To Reality And Beyond

Mike Parkes originally envisaged (and wrote out the full concept of) Kicking Country began back in the summer of 2001, (although at that stage, it's working title name was Cruisin' Country), with thoughts of it potentially becoming a (live, pre-recorded and/or syndicated segmented) program for television and online videos, plus (live, pre-recorded, automated and syndicated episodes for) radio, and live (dj and/or vdj) shows for nightclubs, corporate and private events.

The original ideas even included the possibility of setting up a 24 hour online digital (and commercial) radio station, along with  thoughts of (the later evolved brand name) Kicking Country eventually becoming involved with product merchandising, including it's own clothing line and other apparel.

Kicking Country uses, trusts and highly recommends

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Kicking Country - Radio Format

All versions of Kicking Country are both owned and hosted by Mike Parkes, who can be heard on several radio stations and programs across Australia and around the world, and has been directly involved with Australian country music since the early 1980's, both on-air and off.

Kicking Country (the live radio show) first aired in late 2007, and featured (primarily) uptempo contemporary country music ( with heavy Australian content), and a smattering of interviews with recording artists, plus online requests, prize giveaway competitions,  regular themed music specials, and all presented in a unique, television-style format. 

Kicking Country

Kicking Country - Radio Listeners

Kicking Country has regular listeners who correspond from every State and Territory in Australia, along with the USA, Canada, the UK and New Zealand, plus several countries in Europe, Africa, and South America.

After over 7 years, 330 shows and just shy of 2,000 interviews later, the (at this stage) final (both) live and online version of Kicking Country via Coast Fm 88.7 Fm Adelaide (South Australia) aired in  April 2014, crossing over to Hills Radio 88.9 Fm Mount Barker (South Australia) when it concluded in May 2015.

Mike Parkes - Radio

Here's a sample of (just some of) the radio shows Mike Parkes has hosted on-air (alphabetically), along with their catch-lines/slogans:

American Country Rock

Classic Breakfast

Kicking Country

Oz Country

- American Country Rock

- "The Latest And The Greatest"

- "The Best From The US"

- Classic Breakfast

- "The All-Time Greatest Hits

To Start Your Day"

- Kicking Country

- "Across Australia Around The World"

- "Today's Country"

- "The Best Of Oz The US And The Rest"

- "The Yodel-Free Zone"

- Oz Country

- "Nothing But The Best Of Oz"

Request Line

Rockin' This Country Live



- Request Line

- "You Dial It We Play It'

- "All Requests All Night"

- Rockin' This Country Live

- "Taking This Country Up A Notch Or Two"

- Stampede

- "Great Country And No Bull"

- Whatever

- "It's A Little Bit Of Everything"


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