Detone Promotions cater to social (not competition) Ballroom Dance Instruction, ideal for almost any function, including nightclubs, cabarets, weddings and 60/40.

This enables you to take full advantage of the atmosphere, and increase your enjoyment, plus expand on your skills.


Styles of Ballroom Dance Instruction, taught by Detone Promotions, include (alphabetically) cha-cha, foxtrot, jive, quickstep, rumba, samba, swing, tango, and of course, waltz.


Dino DiMonte, (ably assisted by his charming partner Wendy), conducts Ballroom Dance Instruction for Detone Promotions, and brings with him a wealth of experience, including over 25 years in the industry, and for over 20 years with Celebrity Dance Studio.


Dino DiMonte has received a host of awards (trophies and certificates) over the years, including those from the F.A.T.D. (Federation of Australian Teachers and Dancers), comprising multiple gold, silver and bronze, plus showcase presentations (students and teachers in choreographed routines).

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